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Learning your partner is pregnant can feel overwhelming. And you likely have many different questions and emotions flooding your mind right now. We get it. And everything you’re going through right now is understandable.

While choosing how to move forward in the pregnancy is ultimately your partner’s decision, your support and understanding will mean the world to her.

How Can I Support My Partner Right Now?

It can be difficult to know how to support your partner best, but the following ideas can help you know where to start:

  • Help your partner confirm her pregnancy by attending a pregnancy testing and follow-up ultrasound appointment.
  • Work with your partner to learn about all the available pregnancy options: parenting, adoption, or abortion.
  • Listen to her thoughts, feelings, and concerns. What is her biggest concern with this pregnancy? Is there anything she’s excited about? You can share your feelings as well, but don’t make her feel coerced into choosing one decision over another (her mental health depends on it).
  • Help her get what she needs, whether that’s access to appointments, vitamins, groceries, etc.
  • If she’s feeling nauseous or fatigued, offer to help with household chores, like cleaning, errands, etc.

What If I’m Worried About Being a Good Father?

If your partner chooses parenting, you might be worried about being a good father. This is understandable and completely normal. However, resources are available to help you feel more prepared as a father. 

At Care Net Pregnancy Center of Paradise, we offer parenting courses designed to prepare you for fatherhood. You’ll learn the basics of newborn care, how to cook healthy meals on a budget, and much more.

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